Does jealousy ruin a relationship?

Yes, jealousy can erode a relationship and cause separation between you. Most people to not know how to effectively deal with jealousy, they think by using control that they can eliminate it. This excessive control causes the partner to lie and sneak around. The best thing you can do if you are dealing with jealousy is to look into it deeply. Are you jealous because you feel you lack something someone else has? Are you fearful of losing someone? Are you trying to control another person? Once you establish the problem you can become to work on it. No amount of control is going to stop someone from acting out. Once you realize this you will understand how silly it is to try to set rules and boundaries to avoid getting jealous. If you are in relationship with someone who you feel is untrustworthy don't try to micro-manage them. Let happen what will happen and move from there. Stop trying to predict an outcome or you may produce one you don't want. Learn to admire traits in others rather than feel they are a threat to you. We all have admirable traits and there is nothing wrong with noticing them in others. Most people think they have to learn to trust their partners, but what they really need to do is learn to trust themselves. Trust yourself that you have your own back and that you won't tolerate behavior that is not honorable to you. Stop trying to control situations and instead let them be as they are. The freedom you will feel will be one of the best things you have ever felt. Accept whatever happens in your life and learn from it. Don't try to dodge it by being afraid of rejection and pain.

What are the mental benefits of exercise?

My answer revolves round the mental benefits of boxing. And will be shared directly from previous article.Boxing, being a perfect form of workout that balances mind, body and soul; not only helps increase the muscular stature or your physical strength, but also helps in gaining mental strength – does boxing help you mentally?Thus, boxing is highly regarded as

What is the most difficult adjustment you made after your marriage?

Friend.. Marriage is nothing by compromise, udjestment or sacrifices for good cause. If this is happening in both ways it's good. If not your question comes in to picture. Only difficultY in general is... If your partner does not listen to the decision which is good for your whole family. Many people are like that.

How to get my abs toned, and how much time will it take to make it? And how many days one should perform abs exercises in a week

Bro. First thing's first, you have to have a low body fat percentage for you to have visible abs.And if you are over weight try reduce your fat ......dont make the mistake of incoprating more abs workout rather include more core strengthening exercises like squats , deadlift,clean n press etc....And another important