Does knowledge make life easier or harder?

Knowledge plays no role in your life unless you are an intelligent person. Often a knowledgeable person is consider as a intelligent one, but it is not the case most of the time. If anyone mug up all the libraries of the world and still don't know how to apply that knowledge in his daily life then it is a total waste.

Reading a lot of book is okay, but the question is are you getting the depth of the point where author want you to be? If you plainly read the books, on the surface may be you will come up with a lot of facts, stories, theories or belief, but do you get any core essence of that? When your mind twist and turn every sentences, dissect everything with your intellect then only you can be in tune with the author and come up with true understanding and perception.

E=mc^2, I guess everyone knows this famous Einstein's formula of energy and mass. Is it anyways useful to you? No, but one can produce the enormous energy by this formula and make his or others life either bitter or better.

To sum up, knowledge with the intelligence is the only useful state, which provides you with the option for the life of either bitter or better. Choice is yours!!

Thank you for reading, and remember you are awesome.

It all depends on the kind of knowledge. If the knowledge we seek are for material gain then life will harder because we are afraid to lose them. It will cause anxiousness, greediness, and fears all the time. A good example is knowledge to acquire wealth such as money, properties and prestige. On the other hand, knowledge based on spirituality and attaining higher consciousness are different form of knowledge. These knowledge will make life easier, happy and contentment. I am choosing the latter, because no matter what happen to my life, the attitudes will be the same.

Let's suppose you're in line for the gas chamber at a Nazi extermination camp. The knowledge that you're about to die does not make your life easier. If you think you're in line for a shower and you will soon get clean and have a nice nap in the barracks afterward, you will have less stress. But either way, you will soon be dead.

The stress might possibly be enough for you and the other prisoners to rise up and take control, kill the guards and escape, but the passive approach in ignorance, not so much. Ultimately it's a wash in this situation. The stress of the accurate knowledge will not likely save you, and the ignorance of the danger leaves you more comfortable, but only in the few minutes before your death.

Definitely easier and more fun. I have never regretted going to college or reading books, listening to audio books or watching TV shows that teach me something. I am a learning addict. I also believe we were sent here to learn as much as we could during our lives and I am grateful to live in the United States in the 21st Century, when so much knowledge is available for me to learn.

The most important part of learning is to avoid thinking that we are better than anyone else because of what we know. That is wrong. Learning will never make us better than others. It will only help us to understand the universe better, if we use that information properly and humbly.

I would say easier. Though the knowledge of many things can bring sorrow, regret, anger etc. as there is the proverb ""Ignorance is bliss".

However, from knowledge one can grow wisdom and that can bring a great deal of compassion and love.

The ancient Aztecs had an answer to your question.

This is a stone carving in the museum in Mexico City entitled, ‘Man Gaining Knowledge'. It is an image of a man being devoured by a dragon . . .

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