Does life gets easier or harder?

Life is like the ocean, with high tides and low tides. Each have their purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Take away the tides and life in the ocean as we know it would cease to exist.

So each episode in your life could be viewed as a tide - momentary. High tides clean the shores and allow for important sand movement to take place to keep our shores in tact. Low tides give more space on the beach for you to enjoy the sun, and have bigger waves, which can be scary, but also exciting and Entertaining! But with low tides also comes dangerous rip currents which is where the most danger is.

Without the tides you'll have one mass of still standing water which will upset the balance of life in the ocean. No one wants that!

So embrace your tides in your life - learn from all of them! Appreciate that both high and low tides have a purpose and, with time, too shall pass.

Life is a mix bag of emotions, people, events and many things. Not every thing you experience will be amazing nor it will be dooming. So no need to judge life. The extremism of life depends upon how we perceive it. Always remember one thing life is full of challenges which we are to overcome and survive the other day/phase.

When these challenges are not faced and conquered, life definitely gets tougher on the other hand when you strive towards betterment fighting all challenges life throws on you, you not only become stronger but also make your life easier. It totally depends on how you perceive it. There are incidents when people faced hard time losing their loved ones and going through what not. Well if you perceive it as tougher life you are already on your knees begging for mercy but if you still strive to work for a better tomorrow forgetting everything you are going through and just focusing on what you want in life tomorrow, I bet your life gets easier.

Hope I have killed the curiosity!!

That depends on you. And your choices. Some days I feel things are difficult. But then again. I asked for and work for more. So when I get more responsibility I shouldn't complain. Today is frustrating. Said my piece. Took the actions I felt were best, and now excusing myself as I can't do anymore anyways and taking a nap/ thinking of something else.

On another angle, if I try not to complicate or add to things. Keeping them simple as possible things flow well. We will have to have some complexity in our journeys, but we can control our parts to make things simpler on our end.

While things may pick up in life we can work to simplify them. Also remember we get stronger /wiser as we go.

Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius

Though I broadly disagree with just about everything Confucius ever said or did, I do like the essence of this quote.

People complicate things so much. Life is pretty simple: Make good choices. Get a job, pay the bills, enjoy your free time however it is that you choose to do it. If something is bad for you, get rid of it.

The only exception to that rule, far as I'm concerned, is bringing lives into your world (pets or children). You're stuck with that. Don't want life to be tough? Don't have kids or pets. Again, pretty simple.

So, in answer to your question: Life gets easier when you realize that you are the one in control of it and you own your mistakes and learn to make better choices. Even if you're a child, you're still obligated to make good choices for yourself. Prepare for the day when you're no longer a child.


There is nothing tougher than the teens.

That period is full of "peer pressure" at the same time adults ignore you because you are still young. It isn't the first time or last time you'll feel so worthless and small. But it is the most intense time in your life.

Make friends outside of your normal set of friends. Smile everytime you meet a new person. Laugh at anything remotely funny. If someone insults you Get up and walk away for a few minutes. If you are a guy and can get away with it, get in his space. Put your face a few inches from his. Slowly.

Be patient and wait for him to move away.

Believe me. It gets so much easier when the peer pressure years are over. Yes, there are many great days ahead!

Getting easier or harder is all about how you take it as.

If you think and keep on thinking that "Oh shit! Life is so hard! So many problems. I don't know what to do !" ... if these are your questions then life for you is Hard!

And in contrast to this, if you think "Okay ! I can do this ! This is easy! Okay if this is the problem, there must be it's solution too!"... If these are your answers , then Life to you is Easy!

"It's all upto YOU!"

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