Does lifting heavy weight make you shorter?

Short answer: no. this question is almost always addressed to weight lifting while the risk is greater in most other sports. Subject you the qualification that you start out at low weight, pay careful attention to developing your form, and always avoid ego-lifts, there is no substantial risk of stunting growth.

If you are in your teens or early 20s you have soft ends on your long bones called growth plates. Damage to these can stunt growth potential in this age range as this is where the growth comes from. You are not likely to damage these plates lifting progressively heavier weights as there are no sudden changes in direction or impacts to absorb. In this sense football (soccer) represents a greater risk. the only additional risk posed by resistance training is that you are not likely to be competently coached. More than likely, you will head down to the local gym with a few mates and bring the collective wisdom of youtube with you. There's nothing wrong with that but make sure you start with solid information. One of the best sources for novice lifters is Buffdudes. I think they stand out as the best newbie information on YT. That is not to disparage other channels but many have a different focus and some are simply not very good.

If you had to sign a contract when getting married which forced you to remained married if children were born within the first 3 years during said marriage, would you sign your life away for the sake of said child/children for your freedom?

I used to work at a boarding school for rich but troubled kids. One of they kids once talked about how she would talk about her mom and step-dad and her dad and step-mom, but they were really still married. They decided that it would cost too much money to get divorced so they stayed married but

Why don't some people do squat exercise? I think squat is good for chicken legs.

Usually one of two reasons;1 - It's hard. Leg exercises recruit a large amount of muscle and are very taxing to the body. After a few sets of heavy squats you will be tired as it's plain hard work.2 - They just want to ‘look good',

Can someone who has lost love with a particular person love the same, again?

Such a scenario is not impossible.It may happen especially when you have spent quality time together and the memories are deep embedded in your mind. In such situations its too difficult to get out in a small period of time.But time eventually heals everything.And the answer to your question is a 100% YES..