Does losing weight lower cholesterol?

Yes, losing weight may have a positive effect on cholesterol and other lipid markers.

A twelve week study of 25 people who were at risk for developing metabolic syndrome   was done in conjunction with the University of Colorado Denver and USANA Health Sciences.

The participants who substituted a shake for breakfast and lunch, ate a low glycemic dinner and took a high quality multi vitamin/mineral saw an average weight loss of thirteen pounds.  Four participants lost 25 pounds or more. 

Most importantly, the participants saw a decrease in BMI, waist circumference, ldl and total cholesterols.  In addition blood glucose levels decreased and their was a higher sensitivity to insulin

How to deal with familial stress

I dealt with the stress of my parents being ill (dementia and Alzheimers ) by just being there for them. Loving the person that they were.I had constant stress when my brother was their caregiver. I was the stupid little sister

Since divorce rates are so high and love wears off shortly after marriage, why would one give their heart to another only to have it broken? Why would anyone want to get married?

If the declining marriage rates don't speak for themselves, allow me to speak for them:Marriage is a concept, a construct, and a expiring tradition.50 years ago, marriage was a

How does one obtain a six-pack, except by dieting?

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