Does love marriage spell actually work? If there is refusal from the boys family for the same will this love marriage spell solve the problem and let marriage happen?

Yes,it works provided you trust each other and be there for each other during hard days..

I am married to my husband for past 6 years..The thing in my marriage is ours is love marriage..I am north Indian whereas my hubby belongs to south.. Initially his parents were not happy with our relationship but with time they too changed their attitude towards us..All you need is patience and good heart to care for people around you.Be positive

Are Scorpio's psychic?

Of course not scorpios has nothing to do with psychics and beside that astrology cant predict the future this is just human illusion or misconception, astrology can tell some things about your personality but even though it is not accurate thats it

What are the tips for someone visiting Germany?

Apart from the vibe and beauty of Germany,there are many other things also that a tourist should keep in mind while visiting Germany and specially Berlin.Rules:Not just the traffic rules have to be kept in mind,it is very important too

How to develop a good physique if I can't go to the gym every day

I couldn't go to the gym. So, I brought the gym to me.I have tried to hit the gym 7 times in the past. And, I always failed to keep up every single time. The maximum number of days I ever