Does marijuana make you age faster?

In my opinion (this will piss some people off but I don't give a shit), people who smoke it every day and more than a few times every day; after years of doing that, they become tough to deal with, their memory sucks ass, the become paranoid, esp if they sell it. Some of the things that they say or do are highly questionable as to "why." They become incompetent and often it's due to the fact that they are too stubborn to do things the right way. People say that weed doesn't make people abusive, but to the contrary, I've experienced abusive friends and family and at the end of the day it was due to their paranoia and because they couldn't listen to what I had to say. Not saying they didn't want to listen, eventually they did, it was because they smoke it so much that they couldn't listen.

Back to your question, does weed make people age faster, no I don't think so. It does however impair their thoughts and thinking when they smoke it several times a day. I've seen this pattern many many times. The odd guy, it doesn't really affect them as such, but that's not common.

Does listening to delta wave sleep music while sleeping really help you get deep NREM sleep or the so called slow wave sleep?

Studies have different responses to that. First of all, if you don't have any severe sleep disorder you will achieve deep sleep (slow wave sleep) naturally. Secondly, during sleep our brain gets habituated to sounds, it means that after a short time you stop hearing them. Next, in slow wave sleep you won't hear a thing. That's why

What is the enjoyment of playing sports?

Historically, the youth sport emotional response literature centered in the main on stress and delight. though analysis on these emotional responses has been vital, no systematic examination of those responses from an organic process perspective has been undertaken and thus, organic process influence and implications for competitive youth sports area unit mostly unknown.

How to lose belly fat 40 inches to 34 inches in 2 to 3 months without exercise

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