Does menstrual pain reduce after marriage?

If it were possible that period pain would reduce after marriage, it would have been a wonderful opportunity. We would often see advertisements saying "Get rid of all the pain by marrying the man of your dream. Women who happily agree to their marriage thinking that they could avoid the discomfort and pain every month should know that it is a myth. Unfortunately, changing your surname and a big fat wedding will not improve the period pain directly.

The main reason why reduced period pain and marriage are connected is that frequent sexual intercourse can reduce pain. It is because endorphins, the relaxation hormones have released that help relieving the pain. Relief is short lived and resumes quickly and thus; you need to spend an entire week having sex to make it effective and worth it.

Period pain occurs due to the womb lining shedding. Small contractions cause pain, and the uterus becomes inflamed. It is medically called as Dysmenorrhea. Women also feel breast tenderness during those days of the week. Some of the common psychology symptoms at this time also include feeling unwell, depression, mood swings, irritability, etc.

Thus, period pain is a complete sequence of uncomfortable experience for women that is exacerbated by worry and stress. Endometriosis, fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease cause extreme period pain and are normally treated with a doctor's guidance.

For more details on period pain, make an appointment with Dr. Monica Agarwal

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