Does money make you happy?

Money doesn't make you happy, but lack of money makes you REALLY unhappy.

This is the situation. If you are not rich but you earn enough to live a decent life you have all the instruments to be happy.

If you don't have money and you struggle to live, well, this is bad and it's impossible to be happy.

That said, being rich doesn't make you happy because true happiness becomes from certain things more difficult to have than money:

  • A passion in life - this is something that majority of people doesn't have but it can be truly beneficial for your happiness. Finally you have a reason to wake up in the morning and not just a simple boring to-do list like majority of people. Money can't get you nothing similar to all these
  • Social life - good family, friends, partners etc. money is exactly what keeps good people way far from you, but it attracts tons of malicious people ready to wear a fake smile and take profit from you. This is not richness.
  • Being curious- money can satisfy curiosity, but can't buy it. If you are not interested in learning, exploring and experiment money will buy you only sports cars you use to go nowhere and overpriced clothes you use to go in the same identical places. One day you will realize how you could had spend money better, but it will be to late because time isn't on sale in life.

So it's reasonable and right to become "rich", but before it's necessary to understand that richness is not completely related to money...

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