Does my dad still have to pay child support?

A2A If you are under 18, your dad or mom will pay child support. If you spend 50% of time with mom and 50% time living with your dad, finances have to be figured out between your parents or with the court. With the court means your parent's lawyers.

Having been a teacher, I heard a lot about things like this from my 5th and 6th grade students. One family did something very interesting. The parents let the children stay in the house and the parents would each stay 50% of the time in the house each week. The other parent would stay in an apartment about four blocks away. That way the children's lives would not be changed because of the parents' divorce.

Is Living together vs traditional Marriage are they the same?

Traditional Marriage_______________________No sex until honeymoonNo living togetherFather of the bride is best man and gives daughter awayPraternal grandparents moral responsibility to tend for grandkids if marriage doesn't work out and husband doesn't have means to provide.Living together__________________is non traditional but a good pre marriage best practice with no guarantees it will help or hurt the marriage.

How often should I do cardio to maintain stamina?

I know the body needs to move most days for a minimum of 30 minutes with a heart rate between 65-80% to burn body fat and stay in the endurance zone. It is important to mix up your routines so your body does not get us to one workout and adapt to it.

How many times a person can fall in love with same person again and again?

N number of times sweetheart!I fall for him when he does romantic stuff for me yet I also fall for him when at times he is a hopeless non romantic guy.I fall in love all over again when he is the one who supports me when I am down and advices me for better and