Does one forgive and not forget or forget and not forgive?

I hope so every human being does either of the two or both(Forgive+Forget)

I think it depends on the person's mentality to react to a particular situation.

Forgive and not forget: Its a "heart" thing . If a person goes through severe emotional pain like heartbreak, disloyalty,broken trust from a person who is his closed one, then he may forgive but he wont be able to forget it for some time(some people may be lifetime). They forgive because they might have understood that instead of holding grudge, its better to forgive.Holding on to a relationship is a must.

Its like, our parents forgiving the blunders that we do breaking their trust.

Forget and not forgive: Its a "mind" thing. We forget things which would not have hurt us much / it would have been childhood stupidity or any such similar things.

Its like, we even would not remember for what we fought,but still turn face and hold grudge to our school enemies. Childish

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Can I truly be happy without a girlfriend?

I think it is difficult to say whether you can be happy without a girlfriend, because I don't know you.  I can say that there are plenty of people perfectly happy being single, and it depends on you personality.Consider that humans are generally social creatures.

How long will it be before I see results from going to the gym?

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