Does peace exist in life?

Here I would recall Osho who once recited an urdu poem during his lecture on Meera bai. I don't know who wrote this poem but it is worth sharing:

अमन दुनिया में है नसीब किसे,

कौन है जो यहां निराश नहीं,

कौन रंजो अलम से है आजाद,

किसको ऐशो तरब की आस नहीं,

दिल में है खाहिशात के तूफां,

बस यही एक आध आस नहीं,

अपना दुखड़ा किसे सुनाने जाएं,

क्या कोई है जो यां उदास नहीं,

तेरे कदमों में है निशाते जां,

कोई दुख दर्द-रंजो यास नहीं।

It's roman english version is here:

Aman duniya me hai naseeb kise

Koun hai yahan jo nirash nahi

Koun ranjo alam se hai aazad

Kisko aish o tarab ki aas nahi

Dil me hain khahishaat ke toofan

Bs yahi ek aadh aas nahi

Apna dukhda kise sunane jaayen

Kya koi hai jo yan udaas nahi

Tere kadmo me hai nishaat e jaan

Koi dukh dard-- ranjo yaas nahi

It surely does.

Peace is when you start enjoying your own company more rather that someone elses'. Peace is doing what you love and loving what you do. When you can spare atleast a couple of mins out of your busy schedule to do something you like, that would give you peace. Peace is not just leaving the worldy pleasures and turning into a saint. It can also be achieved when you are happy doing what you do by still being amidst a whole bunch of people.

There are n no. of people who can irritate the hell out of you but the realization of the only thought that reacting to such people is just a waste of time and energy is peace in its own form.

Peace is happiness, satisfaction and being content despite of all the odds around you.

Now a days life has been very fast and hectic. We have no time to relax and no time to pass as per our own. The first thing which we are loosing,is our peace of mind. Then the question arises , what is the way to have peace of mind in this hectic life style.
 1) Leave your present job ,which is hectc and fast ,which is consuming your time and which kill your peace of mind. Go to the upper himalaya and pass a saint- like life. Is it possible? No. Then we have to search peace in our daily life. If we want peace,we have to change our life style.
 2) All work and no break make Jack a dull worker. Break between hectic work schedule is necesary. There should be fixed working hours. There should be weekly holidays. In your own business you have to arrange them with adjustment with your schedule of work. Short break between works is possible. In everyĪ field of work we can have it if we want. Rest and relax for a while, break the monotony of work and restore peace of mind. It will not hamper the total performance as such.
 3) Use the breaks and holidays for passing quality time with family and friends, for family meet, party, picnic , outing as per your own choice. Thiswill refresh you for the next day work. Peace of mind will be restored as such.
 4) Comparison with others disturb peace of mind very much. Never compare yourself with others. You are unique in this world. You have your special merits and demerirs. No one is like you. Hence dont compare yourself with others. Don't let any body to compare you. Just ignore them.
 5) Constuctive healthy Competition among students and workers is good. This add to the quality of work and also make it interesting. But uncontrolled competition make one restless and peace of mind is lost. Always remember competitors are friends and not foes.
 6) An unique tips for all. Compete with ownself is safe and make the work better. As example, a performer will try to break the record of the earlier day by performing better.A machine man should try to manufacture products more in number and higher in quality than that in the previous day.A student may try to study more hours and perform more accurately than the earlier day.
 7) Tips for those who work for others, for Government, private company or anybody. Take the work ,as if, it is your own business, with same seriously and carefully. This will ensure job security and job satisfaction as well. Peacrof mind is guarnteed.
 8) Always keep company of positive minded people. Mix with real friends and share every thing with them. Don't express any false boastful picture about you with anybody. This will hamper your peace of mind for ever.
 9) Limit your work as per your capacity and requirement. Assess your requirement of resources and plan your life. Unlimited work is unnecesary and monotonous. Rember, there is no end of demand. Restriction of denand is the key of peace of mind. Satisfaction is necesary for peace of mind. Unlimited demand is the cause of grief and loss of mental peace.
 10) All the phases of life has its different flavour, enjoy all the phases. Don't work lke a machine to meet the responsibilities with a sacrifice mood for the family. Don't expect any good days to enjoy life in future. Keep a balance between work and enjoyment as per your choice. Machine like behaviour destroy normalcy and peace of mind .
 11) Don't pretend to be great or sacrificing. Life is one. Keep a balance. Enjoy your life as per your choice. Don't expect your family or children to sacrifice their time for you in return. Children have their time to enjoy their life. Pretendence of greatness unnecesarily destroy peace of mind.
 12) Physical excercise, yoga, prayanams and meditation make you cofident. Also make physically and mentally strong.
 13) Submission to God or any super power make us mentally strong and mental peace is restored. Regular prayers also help a lot . It is proved scientifically by the modern researchers.
 14) Take recourse to nature,. Nature like mother has the capacity to refresh your mind and restore peace of mind.

15) Life is short and hence precious. It is solely yours. Don't allow others to waste your time and hamper your peace of mind. Live happily and with peace of mind.

If you delve deep enough, it does.

Life is not a homogeneous block. It is layered, live and dynamic - always moving, always changing, in constant waves with its ups and downs.

Let me illustrate with a metaphor. Take the ocean. On the top we see the ripples and the waves. As we swim here or travel on a boat, we go up and down, now cresting a wave, now sliding down to the trough. The surface changes with the changing weather - gentle ripples in fine weather and turbulent seas in rough. Now dive deeper into the ocean, and it quietens down. Its more silent, but we still feel the under currents. We see all the flora and fauna of the sea which swim and float beneath the surface, and we understand to an extent the nature of the seas in that region, and the causes for its colour and character. Now go further deeper to the ocean floor. Its a deep and quiet place, where we are just voyeurs, of a brilliant and primeval world. We feel like we are in a timeless space, just a small but complete and indivisible part of creation. The ocean floor is the base of the entire earth and all life on it. It was there in the beginning, it'll be there in the end and we are a part of it.

This ocean represents life. On the top are ripples and waves which reflect our outward existence with its constant interaction with our environment - with its ups and downs. There is happiness and joy, and pain and grief and all that lies in between both. But not much peace. Deeper in our consciousness, lies our moments of thinking and introspection and reflection. Much deeper we reach the base of our consciousness, the primeval sense of living and being. Just that, and nothing else. With no conditions attached. With no relationships or attachments. With no cost or price. In our own personal solitude. It is in this layer that lies peace - ever lasting peace.

We get a taste of this peace in deep sleep. In meditation. In immersing ourselves in the aesthetic of art and music. In the experience of Nature in all her glory. In the feel of the breeze on our faces and the water flowing over our bodies. In the oneness of us and the Universe.

Moral of the story: Peace is there in the Universe, in Nature and in us. It is upto us to access it.

you are healthy, you fall sick, you take medicine, you are healthy again. Does the question arise ever " why I am healthy? "so health is natural state of body, disease is guest which come and go.

similarly, you are peaceful now, after sometime you are angry, do you remain angry forever, no, you come back to your peaceful state after one hour, twenty four hours, but you come. so peace is the natural state of mind. As body falls sick due to unhealthy lifestyle, mind loses peace due to unhealthy thinking and inflated ego.

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