Does protein really help you build muscles?

Precisely yes.

Muscles are made up of 20 amino acids. Out of which 8 are essential amino acids ( means the body can not prepare on its own) and the other are called non essential amino acids as the body can prepare them on their own.

So if you wish to build muscle, you need to supply these essential amino acids via food. So the easiest way is to eat protein rich food rich in essential amino acids like steak, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products, whey etc...


Around what age on average does a human start seriously feeling the effects of aging?

I'm 51 and am VERY active - run almost every day for years and I've run 9 marathons since 1999, surf, play ice hockey and do weights. Because of this I've been very in tune with my body and certainly have witnessed myself aging. It seems to manifest in 5 major ways:1. Speed. My quickness is way

I want to learn about how to hack and run unsigned code in embedded devices. Where should I start considering that I how to code in C/C++?

You as a coder, want to learn Hacking?Its quite natural, but one needs to know the Systems, machines better to exploit them. One needs to be good in Networking concepts, Server architecture, Inter-networking frameworks etc.One can also start to learn patterns of worms,

Can a heavy powerlifter run a marathon?

Yes, but it isn't easy. As others have said, the typical body types for each of these pursuits are very different and, without clever training, most people attempting to accomplish both goals simultaneously will spin their wheels and likely never achieve a high