Does real learning occur in classrooms?

Learning do occur in the classrooms but its just for academic purposes where to grab marks and boast among others. The real goal of education or learning is to prepare a child to reach his adulthood, means to become a person with good morals, behavior and good problem solving and decision making skills.

And what does this education meant to be? Is it just sitting in the classroom from say 9 to 4 most of the times yawning..with the same age mates and just mugging up the lessons before exams? Definitely no , The education of a child includes observing how mom & dad (& other adults) function in all the systems necessary to survive -- food, clothing, shelter, transportation, communication, health, employment, finance, government, religion, family, friends, community, interpersonal relationships, and more ...

Does a child/student learns to make decisions through the classrooms.? How many of todays children have a chance to learn the morals, ethics in the classrooms.or how many of our teachers find time to guide them on this? I believe most of the students/people may be brilliant at problem solving in mathematics but how many of them are good at solving their life problems and making good decisions at right time?

In my opinion ,the real learning/education for a person starts from his home at his childhood. We know that each and every child will imitate their parents or the elders at home in many things. so the first learning starts from home.For example we see our parents respecting their elders and learns to do the same.. These are the morals we learn from outside the classrooms. We are told to help our grandparents to walk or to fetch something for them etc. And also each person has his own value. Like some people will be adamant in keeping up their words.These values also forms from school not from classrooms even though the classrooms may influence these factors. Behavior of a person also is influenced by the parents or their peers( friends ,relatives ).

Problem solving is another factor as i mentioned needed for a person to survive. During our childhood parents will solve/guide us to solve our problems. To succeed in this we should know how to find the needed information as well as how to use it... And as an adult a person must be emotionally mature to face the problems. We see a lot of suicides which is the end result of escaping from the problem. A good morale and ethics will help in this.

Decision making is the sign of readiness of growing big. Its most evident that as we grow up we decide upon the clothes worn, and at after the study we do some times choose our careers etc... For a sound decision making we need other values for support. Sound decisions do help us to reach success. Definitely the parents/teachers can guide us in making decisions but the ability to make it comes from seeing the real world..

What I believe is learning is more about the student than the teacher and teaching conditions.

Still, Classroom learning is something uncomparable. A teacher draws your attention putting best of his/her efforts.You are inside an aura of the class. You can't get distracted due to the sound of utensils or the ringtone of your mobile phone or the crying of your sibling. You get to interact with students and teachers.

Therefore, classroom learning should be preferred over online courses.

When it comes to learning it is must be clear that our moto is learning not that to score good. Learning in classrooms is one of method in which we only follow a person who is expert in the subject in which we are aspiring to learn but classroom education is limited to a level that we are learning that things only which somebody has already discovered in the past and lacks new innovations and discoveries. If you are passionate about your aspirations there is no boundary for learning and no one can stop you from learning.

My work involves training adults. Much of their instruction is based on reading and interactive e-learning. Most of them prefer learning in a classroom setting. This doesn't mean just listening to lectures, but watching the instructor demonstrate how to work through a problem or analyze a situation and then do the same themselves. A good instructor teaches half of the time or less. However, these adult students learn much more when they are around other students than then do on their own. The same is true even more for high school and college students.

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Not entirely, but they do play an important part.

I know there are people out there who would outright start criticising the education system and will go too far to blame all the lack of skills on that.

But has anyone ever judged their own self - how willing are you to learn? All of us in India are going through the same education system...and we can see so many of us doing great.

I am not, in any way, saying that we have the perfect system in place. I am just saying that it is not the only thing that matters when it comes to learning.

Classroom learning has it's own merit, which are supplemented and complemented, at the same time, with other things like hands-on experience through internships etc.

From my opinion is that we can learn from all the ways example from your experiences, the way you understand from the topic you wanted to learn, depends upon the each mind behaviour, to write your exams we need to only understand the what ever you are reading and write by your own.

As per my suggestions the teacher who teaches must be well understood on the topic she is going to make students. It can help to solve all the problems.

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