Does religion cause frustration?

I believe it does. Religious folk generally stand by their beliefs and many of them tend to be blinded by their own faith. This causes other people to be frustrated because they fail to acknowledge other people's beliefs. They just believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Not to mention, people can tend to cast people off should they not share the same beliefs. Personally, I hate religion with a burning passion. My ex-girlfriend dumped me only because I am atheist. Also, I have had religion used as a weapon against me a lot in my life. Truthfully, anyone who does this is sinning because it is pride and judging. I believe that the Bible is a book of lies and contradictions. Religion divides people more than it unifies people. Most of the wars going on? They are all over religion. The world would be a much better place if religion did not exist.

How does a skinny guy get abs without getting even skinnier?

Believe it or not, but everyone has abs. Your abdominal muscles play an extremely important role in your everyday lives.Now, that said, not everyone has visible abs. Many have a layer of fat that cover their abs. I'm assuming you're referring to the

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

For love, I quit my job, vacated my house, flew from Bengaluru to New York City; only to face disaster.Typing just that much already makes me tired.I've recounted that experience countless times now. It has been a part of some of my other answers here as well. But well, here we go

Am I an irresponsible selfish wife in the following scenario?

From what you've said and the details you'e provided your husband seems to be an insecure chauvinist. You met with him and tried to compromise and things never seem to work out for him and he's bitching about it.I'll tell you that cooking and leaving a job is NOT