Does shaving off the Head makes hair stronger and enhances the hair growth?

Shaving your head does not make hair stronger. It does give you a reset and the hair growing out is new and undamaged, so that is indeed a plus. Hair that grows after being shaved is really no thicker than hair that was there previously, the only reason we think so is that hair that grows from being shaved is growing back with a blunt end rather than a fine pointed end as though it were first emerging from a follicle. The reason that it feels like hair is growing faster is that you are starting from nothing so any hair growth will seem to be very fast in comparison.

What do you think the major mistake many people make when looking for a partner for a long term relationship or marriage?

Being sold on appearances and that initial phase where everything seems perfect and easy.IMO a relationship doesn't really start until after a few years and it's not even remotely challenging or at least shouldn't be until 3 or 4th year, if you're already arguing and fighting all the time and having these disagreements and battles all

Tattoo artists: what is the weirdest tattoo someone has requested from you?

I've had a lot of odd requests over the years. Most of them I will agree to do. I have some weird ones, myself. I did, however, decline to tattoo one gentleman. The request was outside of comfort zone.This gentleman was in his 50s and he requested a female tattooer - so that meant me at this shop.

Should I continue this long distance relationship?

Online relationships should be temporary. You might meet online, chat for awhile, find you are both interested, then you meet in person. Otherwise, it is a fantasy at best, and a dangerous scam at worst.If you and your online friend decide to meet, that is the time