Does sleeping on your right side have any benefits?


Sleeping position is a matter of comfort. But we should also see the health benefits. Sleeping on our left side has many benefits. It improves our digestion and circulation.

Here are reasons why we should sleep on our left side -

# The liver is on the right side of our body. Sleeping on the right may cause liver congestion.

# Sleeping on the left aids the waste to move into the large intestine. With the help of gravity, it moves to the descending colon. Thus full elimination is encouraged.

# When we sleep on the left side our heart will pump more smoothly. This promotes smoother blood flow to our heart.

# Our spleen is situated on the left. When we lay on the left, drainage to the spleen improves. Spleen filters our lymph and blood.

# Sleeping on the left side, prevents snoring. This is because your tongue and throat are in neutral position.

# When we lie on our right side, our pancreas and stomach turn in an unnatural way. Resting on left side, allows better digestion.

# Lying on the left side can reduce acidity.

# Sleeping on the left side, is good for pregnant women. It increases blood flow to the uterus and the fetus.

# We can even lay on our left side for a few minutes.

Note - If you ever had a heart attack, you should sleep on your right side.

Give Your Opinion: Do you usually sleep on your left side?

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