Does smart work beats hard with? What are some examples?

Both hard and smart work improve/increase the results. Which one is better, if you only do one, depends on how much each changes the results.

If you work smarter by using Ctrl : in Excel to put today's date, that is smarter than just typing faster, but typing faster (working harder) applies to more of the work of entering data. The working smarter, there, makes too little a difference to be better.

On the other hand, if you learn how to use and maintain a sewing machine (smarter), your output will be far beyond someone who hand stitches as fast as they can (harder).

What is the best way to cure hangover, next morning?

Not drinking the night before...:) sorry had to.This great question as it links into different area's an example being a great way at keeping a person at arms length of forming a dependence but as I'm trying always to answer as honestly as possible would say2 shots of hard

Is it possible for an obese guy to become slim and have 6-pack abs?

Answer: YES it is possible.How?WILL POWER: How badly you want to get ‘slim'.DIET:Cut off all the carbs white rice, dosa, idli e.t.c, Sugar, Junk food (say no to all the greasy pizzas, hefty Burgers, deep fried french fries) and one must Eat only that quantity our body needs

Why do some people hate emotional people?

Some people have so much awkwardness around emotional people. When someone is crying, some people tend to get more nervous then understanding. Those people then hate being around them because they don't know how to help that person feel better. Some people who say,