Does soap deteriorate over time?

Real soap is not specifically "anti-microbial", "anti-fungal", or even "anti-bacterial". Soap is simply an emulsifier which allows lipids (like food oils, machine grease, etc) to dissolve in water so that it can be washed away.

Have you or anyone else touched it?
Mold will feed on skin cells and proteins left on the soap. 

Moisture will help mold growth.
Is it stored in a dry place?

If stored properly, the soap can outlive you.
Great question. I made soap in my high school chemistry lab and did so again as a lark in college.  As far as I know, the actual soap, if kept in its "dry" state will not physically break down. What a bar of soap will lose its fragrance.

Well to check this out, I was just cleaning out my garage recently and I discovered some Ivory soap bars that I threw into a box several years ago when I moved several times. I opened them an used them and they were like normal.

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