Does someone with BPD know they hurt?

Of course we are knowing of our hurt. Our emotions are three times more intense than the average person. When I am pained, it feels as if my heart was being repetitively stabbed open until I just lose all the blood and it stops beating if that emotion and I just feel numb after.. it is a sickening feeling. I become sick with sadness- grieved, even. And yes, I well am aware that my abuse and trauma is what resulted in my BPD and that it is the core issue that manifests all these malapdtive behaviors.. I very much self-pity, but then, I also resent and hate myself, and so I am torn of my internal view, just as how I am conflicted with my view of others.

Then if you're referring to if whether we hurt others, after the episode is when we are brought to awareness... We just kinda.. zone out whilst in episodes. But honestly, why would you want others to be in pain? Us people with BPD don't even mean to harm others, and even if we say we want to hurt someone out of rage, it is not what we are meaning, rather, it is or emotional intensity combined with our devaluation speaking. We have a black and white lens we see through, and combined with emotions we are not incontrol of, or disorients us and our behavior. Our vision of reality is restricted and we again, cannot control our emotions. Feeling shame and guilt, knowing how intense our emotions are, would you really be wishful upon that of someone as such? Even to the point of it pushing them to suicide.. when I feel guilt and shame, I oftentimes am wanting to bring myself to nonexistence; kill myself.

What should I look out for when visiting China?

Just heard about a new trick. Bad guys can impersonate your friends, even copying the photo ID on Wechat and then spin a story and ask to borrow money in the name of your known friend. Be careful who you talk to.Avoid starting discussions on politics, the government, religion and sex

What is it like to pee in your pants in public?

To some of feels good, while others hate it. Heres my story:I was in 6th grade. My school had this rule where you couldn't go to the bathroom in the first or last 10 minutes of class. So I was in 5th period, and about 9 minutes before class ended, I had a sudden urge