Does squat with weights help burn belly fat?

The simple answer YES!! But not quite miraculously as you might expect our entire it to be.

One of my most favorite quotes..."When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders Squats!!"

Squats , Pull up and other such compound exercise demand support and effort from body and there in lies the essence of weight training.

Squats are particularly helpful in removing those love handle and and the fat sorrounding your hips. And one of the biggest benefit would be it heavily enages your core. You might not pop out abs immediately but it would help you strengthen and stabilise your core which will help you in abs exercises and when doingg exercises of functional fitness.

So my advice would be hit the squats, go heavy , go low, if it gets you sore let it sink in for a day or two, then come back harder.

All the Best...

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