Does supporting gay rights mean that I am a gay?

No, It means that god has not done any fault by making you a human being as you are capable of using your mind properly to understand the thoughts, mindset and pain of other human beings with different sexual orientation.

It means that you are not selfish and Orthodox who can't think beyond his personal needs & cultural Barriers etc, leave aside understanding and supporting a different thing which he don't know or experienced.

It means that you have the power to understand and digest the perspective of others and guts to support it also.

It means that you believe in diversity of thoughts, mindset and behaviors of different human beings which is actually a creation of God.

I feel that atleast we shouldn't reject or criticize what we don't understand or which we have not gone through if we can't support it.

Why am I only getting belly fat?

You're not the only one.As we get older, we start losing muscle and gaining fat. Our metabolic rate slows down, which means we burn fewer calories even if we were to eat the same way we did when we were younger.We

What would happen to the Earth if it had a bigger Moon?

The Moon:First off, how was it formed? (how is any moon formed, for that matter)When planets were first created from the left out debris of the star of our solar system, they were hundreds in number. They collided, shattered one another, and the

I am suffering from shoulder dislocation, how can I strengthen my shoulder?

Too less information. The following questions need answering first.When did the dislocation happen?Acute injuries require immobilization first and muscle strengthening exercises later.Was it the only episode?Single episode of dislocation usually can be managed without much problems. Whereas multiple episodes usually require some form of surgery.How long was your shoulder immobilized following the episode?Inadequate immobilization can lead to