Does talent beat hard work or hard work beat talent?

Does talent beat hard work or hard work beat talent?

Talent is necessary in the entertainment industry. Either you can sing, have a knack to act without coming off as a ham, or you are funny enough to be a successful comedian.

Talent is necessary in any skilled job. In that situation talent is the same thing as having the skills to do the job. In any job which requires skill and knowledge, talent will beat hard work.

Some people would say that hard work would be more beneficial in a job like construction than talent. Still, if you don't possess the talent to do the job properly, you are useless to the team. They will spend more time straightening out your mistakes than they will doing their own work.

I've had the privilege to work with people that call themselves hard workers. Yes, they worked very hard. The problem was as hard as they worked, they were essentially spinning their wheels.

They wasted a lot of time by adding unnecessary steps to any procedure. If your job required you to do a procedure several hundred times during your shift to get out your share of the product and you waste only a minute during each procedure, doing unnecessary things or by doing the steps out of order, then you are wasting over an hour and a half of your shift doing nothing but working hard.

If you are wasting five minutes, you will be completing very few of your required procedures as if you completed all one hundred of them you would have wasted over eight hours.

If you have talent enough to do the job correctly and without wasting time doing nothing as mentioned above and worked hard too, you'll be humming out the product.

The best way to put it is if you have talent but are slow or you are really fast but don't have enough talent to do the job right, then a guy who is talented and fast will beat you every time. In other words, talent and hard work compliment one another.

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