Does the FBI sometimes use polygraph tests just to establish truthfulness of a witness, not intended as evidence for a trial?

FBI, CIA and many agencies use them, but they are largely devices to get the subject talking. They know the polygraph measures things easily spoofed, but it makes the subject work harder to lie and keep themselves under control for longer periods. Liars have to work at it. It's not work if the truth is on your side. Truth is effortless - lying (consistently before a seasoned interrogator) is hard.

One prosecutor told me the worst subjects are people who get polygraphed annually for work because they are hardened to the process. This is key - it's the process and formality that presses on the conscience, and it is the conscience they want to plumb, not the oscillating needles.

The CIA claims they ignore the polygraph results altogether - it is their method of questioning (no, not torture, quite the opposite) that teases the information from a human mind - they use tried-and-true genetic responses and brain chemistry science. Factoid - when someone is lying the response travels through a different path in the brain than truthtelling does - and there are ways to put stumblingblocks on that path causing the liar to stumble over their own thoughts and words.

What do you think is the worst thing that happens to people as they become older?

I don't know-I guess my biggest problem is my knees. I have good days when I can and do everything I want without any problem and other days when the

As an atheist, what do you want to happen to your body after you die, considering most customs surrounding death is rooted in religion?

People taking care of a body once someone has died is really for the the emotional well being of the family and friends. The dead don't care.As funny as the idea of having my body turfed on the front lawn would be (like Diogenes in

I don't care that several people in my 'family' that have never been in my life passed away and I've told people that too, is something wrong with me for not caring?

No. You are not wrong for being honest with your feelings. I have family I am absolutely not bonded with. We just never bonded. And to say be cause we share DNA you automatically get a free pass into my state of existence is another huge mistake. Needless to say,