Does the USA have any laws that limits how many times you can get married?

Yes, 52+ counting only federal law, state law, and district law,

you can only be legally married to one person at a time

It is illegal in some jurisdictions for parties of more than two to establish a common residence* and present themselves as married. This is treated as if it were bigamy (enforcement is vanishingly rare... and an attempt to get the courts to legislate from the bench failed because the sisterwives family was not actually pending prosecution).


* in common law states presenting your self as married has force, i believe if you actually reside together

Should I do pull ups and push ups everyday, or one day pull ups, and another day push ups? What will help in gaining max strength and endurance?

Best to separate push and pull days. If you exercise four days a week, do your push exercises on two days and your pull exercises on the other two days with rest days in between so your muscles have time to grow

Would it damage USA financially if California seceded?

There is no mechanism or process for a state to leave the union. It would more than damage the US financially, it would likely kick off a civil war similar to the last time states tried to succeed. The difference being i doubt only a paltry 3%

Why do my elbows hurt after doing chin ups?

Because you're doing them wrong. Ya know how some people have really cut biceps from doing chin-ups? That's cuz they're using they're biceps to lift themselves up. You're using you're elbows. Stop that. You're going to ruin your joints. Pay a trainer (if all you need to learn is how to do a