Does the concept of satisfaction exist?

Yes. Unless one feels one will be satisfied with getting a particular thing, say a Mercedes Benz car, or a person, say Paris Hilton, one will not be motivated to act to get it. And there are so many other adventure crazy guys who want to travel for ever, taste different foods, encounter different cultures, etc., to be satisfied. So, the concept of satisfaction exists. Whether that satisfaction remains permanent is another matter. Mostly, when one is satisfied with something, one goes after another. That particularly applies to men who by nature have multiple ambition.
When you set on a path of being satisfied , its like filling a cup which has no bottom. There is too much to eat, too much to see, to much to learn and too much to understand in this world. The concept of infinity wouldnt let us cover the each and everything of our universe, and there will be always a scope for something "more".
1. even lord buddha wasnt satisfied for he carried on his life looking for peace and knowledge. even when you would gain one, you wouldnt want to lose it or get deprived of it. Even in satisfaction there is always a fear which doesnt let you be satisfied completely
What if this life is really a dream?

Or could it be a simulation, by someone or something in a hundred, thousands, millions year in the future, trying to figure out what went wrong in the great reign of humanity.Wether life is just a dream, simulation by AI or aliens, there is a theory talking about this.

How many children do you think you want to have?

I consciously choose to have 1 offspring, and ran a home for many abused and abandonded children for 10 years. This provided me the opportunity to parent many children whom, the general population is unaware of. Few want to parent these children because they are not their own, and given

Can I earn good money for only writing script for short films?

Yes you can earn millions of dollars but when your script is sold.How can you sell your script?Don't worries,Let's have a looks,The movie business is a business. To succeed in business, you need to successfully market your product and your service. Your product is your script. And your service is your ability to write. Marketing is not a