Does the right culture mean no one should be allowed to make films that offend religious or cultural beliefs?

Right to culture means one has right to choose one's own religion, food, cloth, dress etc. .

One has all right to make film provided that the objective of film should not be to promote animosity among various sections of society. State is not supposed to intervene in people's choice of making film on the basis of hurt sentiment or feeling. State is supposed to intervene only when there is issue of law and order, public order.

Article 19 (1) of Indian Constitution provides right to freedom of expression, and right to make film of one's own choice is covered under this article. However, article 19(2) of the constitution mentions six grounds on which the former can be curtailed.

Right culture should be within the legally permitted jurisdiction,not provoking others' sentiments, beliefs.

  • We have right to express what we perceive but the opposite side may be overreactive.

They counter your activities violently because they think their culture is above the criticism of any rational thinker.

  • Film production,book writing or lecture delivery etc about gods, religion,faith - all should be not extremely critical of offensive.

That is the root cause of many events of untoward deaths/ murders of intellectuals like Kalburgi,Gauri Lankesh.

  • One can lee writing if one want to do so at the cost of one's life.

Fundamentalism is on the lead now.

Nope. People can make films on whatever they want if there is no case of extreme fact manipulation or depiction extreme hatred towards one part of the society. The right to free speech is absolute. Also people can disagree with films and don't watch them but can't keep calling for a ban on films that they don't approve of.

As far as offending religions go, we have the right to criticize bad ideas and that's exactly what most of them are. We have a free society where we can debate and participate in a conversation about this and banning or disvowing free speech is not a route to go forward.

No, not really. One is free to record any culture to disseminate in public or informing to others with educational or benefits for other cultures, group of people or individuals. But this must be done with right intention without any biasness or commercial motif.

I'm more concerned here about the culture that is largely practiced here in india e.g. Hindu Culture. Culture must be researched, investigated, explored and described for the masses.

There should not be double standard in researching or making film and documentary. In sociology there is a term given Mills that is sociological imagination, means despite being the member of culture a researcher should feel he is not the member of that culture during the research.

A good will never offend any culture nor it play with emotion of any culture group or individual. There is an ethical consideration in every profession same happens with research and documentary or feature film. As a professional one can cross this rule. If crosses it is an offence or violation of the rules pertaining to the ethical consideration.

That is the reason why there is course for researchers and filmmakers in USA or other Western countries. I give you an example when satyamejayate or PK was filmed. I am sure such acts will neither be done nor tolerated. No one is convinced that there is problem with only one culture or religion. All cultures must have been unvesigated for the public display.

I can remember the scene from PK the actor criticises only to a particular religion/culture. The same actor with a bottle of alcohol goes towards a particular religious place but on midway, the scene was diverted . If the director, actor and story has dare to speak truth they should speak equally. But it is a matter of concern this did not happen.

Human subject is very sensitive for research or any other type of documentation. This is the reason why National Institute of Health in USA conducts an online exam for such type of researches, and it is mandatory.

To hurt someone's religion deliberately or to mock or make fun of anyone leads to mental harassment and you could land in trouble.

Every Indian,be his religion minor or major for others, none has a right as per our constitution to hurt, insult,mock him.This will land you into legal problems and also it might turn violent issue.It is like playing with fire with your life and risking your life and limbs!

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