Does water help burn fat?

Let's propose a test:

Get a cup of water. Pour it on a stick of butter. Will it burn?

Of course not.

Your body burns fat when it needs energy and doesn't have enough current energy stores to supply your energy needs.

Water does not affect your energy stores.

It does not affect your body's energy needs in any significant way (it uses a tiny bit of energy ingesting the water but it is trivial).

Things you put in to your body don't cause your body to use energy. The only way your body uses energy is by doing things. Your body uses some energy in normal activities, and more energy if you exercise. If you do strength training exercises, your muscles will need to get stronger, so your body will burn some fat off to help strengthen your muscles.

The only way to burn fat is to create an energy defecit in your body (IE - less food than you need), and then let your body use the energy it needs from your fat.

When you increase your activity level, your body will use some of its stored energy and some of your fat for energy. It will also burn its own muscle for energy too. So if you starve yourself, you lose fat weight and muscle weight too.

But anything you ingest doesn't do anything to increase your body's energy needs. The only way to make your body need more energy is to do things that require energy.

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