Does weight training and strength training promote improved sleep?

Yes, They do. A workout leads to increased level of melatonin and cortisol release. Melatonin helps in better sleep, and cortisol is stress relieving hormone. So The sciences definitely approve that any kind of physical activity helps in getting better sleep.

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Why do people think sweat is disgusting?

Well sweat under the arms begins to smell bad if you don't really bathe often but in a healthy individual the bacteria that contribute to the oder are probiotic and ward off fungal infections which is far more offensive to the individual often fungal infections are itchy and

What, physiologically, is muscular endurance?

Muscular Endurance is the muscle's ability to repeatedly develop and sustain repeated muscle actions for extended periods of time.Basically in your own words you're training capacity rather than power output or force generation.For instance if your maximum bench press is 100 kg, training near that for a few repetitions

I can't do many of abs exercises because of lower back pain, what should I do?

I'm a trainer and wellness coach who specializes in working with general population. I've worked several years on wall street where people spend most of their day hunched over a desk.Their most common ailment - back pain.Working with so many people who have back pain It basically became a specialty for me. With that, I feel I can offer