Does working out the legs reduce belly fat?

I will take working out the legs to mean squats and deadlifts, not only cardio.

And in that case, the answer is an unqualified yes.

Five years ago I was in an all-night deli on 2nd avenue. I was having a second blueberry muffin. I weighed close to 275 pounds and had the 50 inch belly to prove it. There was no way to suck in that gut. And I had no idea back then how to lose body fat.

Do Squats and Deadlifts to Melt Belly Fat

But, when I started to deadlift, the fat burning process kicked into high gear. I could see the difference the same day from doing one deadlift workout.

In less than one year, I took 18 inches off of my waist. Eat real food, start deadlifting and you can torch your fat. You too can experience the magic benefits of deadlifts to trigger your body to transform from fat to fit. No matter what shape you are in today.

Deadlifts Work Your Entire Body

What muscles do deadlifts target? How about most of them. The deadlift muscles worked include your calves, quads, hamstrings and backside. The deadlift also works your arms, core, lower/middle/upper back, traps, and shoulders. Even your forearms and grip.

Deadlifts work more muscles than any other movement, some say more than even the squat.

Working such a large number of muscles forces your entire body to grow. A consistent deadlift workout program will add a slab of muscle all around your body. Like a suit of armor.

Deadlift Benefits For Weight Loss

The deadlift is an intense exercise, and you will burn plenty of calories. But, the advantages of deadlifts for weight loss begin after your deadlift workout. As your body packs on muscle, your metabolism will rise.

That is how deadlifts change your body.

Here is a simple recipe for amazing body transformation results:

Deadlifts, squats and pushups requires the engagement of many large muscle groups. They give you a much better return on investment than single joint exercises like curls.

Of course, traditional cardio workouts can also shred your belly fat in as little as 12 weeks.

Good Luck!

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