Don't forget to enjoy the 'little things' in life? What are your favorite 'little things'?

Here are the "little things" for me

  • Taking out my earphones and listening to Weezer (my current favorite band)
  • Going on a walk at 3AM and reveling in the cold but quiet atmosphere
  • Buying coke at Walgreens with my friends (the soda, not the drug. I go to CVS for that) and talking about how our days went down.
  • Taking a shower after getting soaked in the rain
  • The relief of finishing a massive project
  • Coming up with a nice riff on guitar
  • Making my lunch group laugh
  • Making my crush laugh
  • Cute girls saying hi to me in the halls
  • Eating chips and playing Minecraft after a long day at school
  • Getting a full eight hours of sleep
  • Waking up at 8AM thinking that school starts in 25 minutes and that I'll be late but then realizing it's a weekend
  • Going on the swings with my best friend on a Saturday
  • Going on a run so I feel fit
  • Checking my French grade online to see that it's now an A
  • Seeing a new video by Sam O'Nella (a pretty good YouTuber). This video isn't new, but it applies to the question:

Could you forgive infidelity and accept that your husband or wife to come and live with you, forgetting all without fear that thee be unfaithful again?

I can forgive, and have, and am working on our marriage again. But forgetting is just almost impossible. How exactly would one do that anyways? He doesn't get to burn down the house with everything in it, and then have me pretend I don't remember just because I

What singer of any genre or generation has the most distinctive, instantly recognizable voice?

When you refer to how recognizable a voice is, it all comes down to the timbre. What is the timbre of a given sound? It is the unique profile of harmonics that build above the fundamental sound. Every person has an unique profile, but most voices sound alike, right?Regarding genre... well, we must admit

When do muscles grow after working out?

Muscle hypertrophy requires two things, muscle damage and rest. Muscle damage, caused by working out through the use of time under tension, metabolic stress and muscular fatigue, stimulates the release of Human Growth Hormone, Insulin and several other anabolic chemical substances in