Epiphany: What sudden realization has changed your life?

Going anonymous as not interested to disclose my name.

1) Don't depend on others to make you happy. Make yourself happy by doing what you like to do.

2) Spend few minutes with God, he the Almighty is the one who really knows how you feel inside.

3) Than talking about your problems to others, better kneel to pray. No one really cares for you. Its an another story for them.

4) Complain to God than complaining to others. He cares. No other care. Parents care but its unwanted burden for them to see their child in worries.

5) A piece of grain fills a sparrow's stomach.. If so, don't waste even a grain in your plate. It takes 3 - 6 months to grow that single grain.

6) Save money now - Its saves you one day

7) Care your health though being a mother/wife. You have to be healthy to make your family healthy. Don't control your urge to pee or hunger for the sake of something kept in stove. Off it, go finish and return back.

8) Don't expect to see your mother in your mother-in-law. Its impossible for 99%. Get up & do your chores

9) Don't expect your mother-in-law will understand your pain. She is not your blood. Most of the in laws cannot understand it (She expected me to help in kitchen chores on the day of my abortion. When I said, "Its paining terribly, her reply was "I don't know about that pain and all.. Will it pain?" - It was an embarrassment moment how a lady of 2 children can't understand the pain of 2 months baby abortion)

10) All which are white are not really pure (Don't trust any one easily than your parents)

11) Don't live to eat, eat to live. Period. (1 spoon of oil is enough in place of 2 spoons oil - Save kitchen things if possible)

12) Pain of regret is too vulnerable than pain of discipline. (If away from discipline, juz quit. Please don't let your mind rule you)

13) Forgive people - if you do so, you are the strongest person in the entire world

14) Don't take revenge - Then no difference between you and them

15) Mend up in few minutes/ hours if quarrel between husb-wife. Life is short to live. Love her/him.

16) Don't break the trust. Broken glass is always broken

17) Make a girl child study to live independent. If her personal life collapses, her degree helps her.

18) Don't fail to try. Try costs nothing.

19) Don't give up. When thinking to give up, think why you started!

20) Be true in all situations so that no need to create a story or to worry about the mistakes' consequences.

21) Life is not gonna end today or tomorrow.. Die hard not to spoil your name, else pain of insult prickles much.

22) Don't cut your mother's call when in meeting or in call waiting. She may be in emergency

23) If life sucks you, don't feel shame to eat like a dead hungry man (Let your stomach get filled more than the worries inside). Eat full and sleep if you are much worried on a day.

24) Getting 10 min earlier really avoids hurry-bury

25) Whatever angry you are, eat on time. Problems won't get solutions if you starve.

26) Don't beg anyone to stay in your life, They don't deserve you.

27) Be stubborn not to use the word "please" easily. Why the hell to please everyone? Better use the word "kindly"

28) Don't say sorry if not your fault. (Say only to loved ones though you are correct)

29) Its not a criminal offense not cooking a day. Relax a day in your schedule

30) Be bold, stubborn in your walk

31) Making your bed really gives good start to the day

32) You may be low level employee. But if MD speaks/ treats like his house maid in speech, let your speech bash him up. Never mind on consequences. Self respect is must in official places. Period.

33) Be the you. Don't be a photocopy.

34) 50 Lakhs spent Grand marriages won't speak - Life & understanding between the couple matters

35) Maintain your weight, your outlook gives confidence.

36) Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram,etc are alone not the life. Spend time with family sitting near you than spending on trolls and distant friends.

37) Save money for parent's treatment, else you will regret for your inability.

38) Big or small, build a place for you. Not for wealth.. But for peace in expenses. Really you can build a small house than paying rent your entire life.

39) Don't be curious in knowing others life. A big crowd is watching at you too to comment you.

40) Don't speak bad about people did mistakes due to situations. Your life has not ended yet.

41) Parents are getting old & are towards end of life. Spend valuable time for them. Girls, don't care what the hell in-laws talk about you. Parents are always parents, either being a boy's or girl's. Allocate time to meet them, laugh with them. They really needed it.

List is endless. But would like to end with this.

Let Smile be with you ever :)

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