Exercise: Why can't I do push ups?

Well, because you really don't want to.

One day during my college 3rd year, I was chatting with a girl. While talking, she asked me about my fitness level. She even said that I'm weak. Although she said it on a lighter note, it hurt. It really hurt.

At the same time, I was having a crush on another girl. I tried very hard to make it work between us, but she never gave a damn about me. For a simple hi, I had to wait for a week. In Facebook, I'd say 'hi' to her. And then I'd get a 'hi' back after a week or so. I'm not blaming her or anything, but she didn't give a small pinch of respect to me. But when she needs something, she'd ask me directly without any hesitation.

After suffering from such insults, I started working out. I'd be angry all the time. I stopped talking to that girl. I simply gave up. I started with the push ups. It was never easy for me. At first, I couldn't even hold my body weight, let alone lifting it. Everyday was hell. But one thing was sure. I was definitely improving. Day by day. Step by step.

After some time, I finally got a hold of it. Yes, I could do push-ups. At first, I did 10. Then after some days, it became 20. It was heaven. I was bulking up. Body-parts were expanding. This improvement made me work harder than ever. I had no idea about diet, muscle recovery and proper training. I was working out every second I was free. Sometimes, I'd wake up in the middle of the night and start doing push-ups. I had my close friend counting all those. All my friends thought I was crazy. Well, indeed I was. I had a crazy mindset.

In addition to all these, I wanted to become Batman. And I still am determined about that.

Days went. Due to the freaky amount of push-ups, crunches, pull-ups, bench presses and stuff, I finally got a decent body, around my final year.

Everyone noticed my transformation from a weak guy to a good-looking boy including that girl. I even had eight pack. I was the talk of the town. Girls were astonished by my transformation (That's what my friends said!) while boys wanted to have a transformation just like mine. Some people started asking tips from me while some others started coming to the gym.

That girl who I was having a crush on, started talking to me. She seemed to respect me. But I didn't care. I didn't reply to her texts. On seeing all these she came to me directly and said, "Why didn't you reply my texts?".

I replied, "Because, I don't care and thank you for being an inspiration".

Note: I'm sorry for going anonymous because the girl I was talking about is in quora too and I'm sorry I can't upload any photos here.

Before working out, my weight was 56 kg and I'm almost 6 feet.

Now after 2 years since then, my weight is around 75 kg and I'm perfectly healthy. And I'm sure one day I can achieve Batman level of fitness.
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