For Indian migrants, which is a better country to live in, Canada or the USA?

If you have an option then definitely the US. But tax laws etc are quite miserable.

So in an ideal world you should become a Canadian citizen and live and work in the US. To avoid US Tax laws just ensure that your work takes you out of the US for a minimum of 100 days (Check the number of days and this number is not totally impossible). That way you get the best of both worlds.

My two bits.
Is it healthy for me to weigh 120 pounds if I'm 5'7, and 23 years old? I have been lifting weights and working out for eleven years. I went from 84-115 in the first three years, for some reason my doctor told me i need to gain weight (five years ago)

Im 14, 5/8, and weigh 185 pounds. I've been power lifting for 2 years and plan on moving into body building this summer, when I can cut away my last layer of blubber easily, lol.If you want to gain weight, I recommend

Have you ever crashed a wedding?

Yes a lot of times !! and i have stopped counting now :-pSo the crashing no. one i remember the most.Came to know about my classmate's brother wedding whose surname is Katyal through some friends and in pantnagar hostels talks always transform from one form to another but not end ever !! :-p. So i was carrying little doubts