For a male, what are the 10 things we must know before getting married?

  • Number One:

Respect is more important than love: I didn't say that love is not important. But there are many cases where couples choose to stay together even though the love had died long before. Sometimes to support their children till they grow up, or to attain financial security. On the contrary, once you lose the respect to your partner, you won't be able to coexist. Life becomes constant torture. Their voice penetrates your ears and rattles your skull every time they talk, their touch burns your skin and their perfume fragrance chokes and tightens your chest. Every encounter is a potential woe. You can revive lost love, but disrespect is irreparable.

  • Number Two:

Fancy the eyes: If you decided to fall in love with the looks, make sure to fall for the eyes, because they never age. The handsome guy that you know today, in few years' time, will have a muffin-top belly and thinning hair and the stunning beauty that you adore now will have wrinkled face and sagged posture. If this is what happened to celebrities, guess what will happen to your partner.

If you are working out with weights, how often should you get a massage?

How often can you afford?I'd go more, if I could, but a good RMT is not that cheap these days.Once upon a time when I played varsity sports and 20–30 min massage was free, I'd get 4–5 a week. These days,

How do fish sleep in the water?

As a matter of fact, they do! If you watch fish long enough, you'll notice that they do take breaks. There are definite periods of time when they seem to hover in place, almost like they're in a trance. But their eyes are

I'm a 16 year old female and I'm 188 lbs. If I only eat one meal a day that's 1000 calories, will I lose weight?

Yes, you will definitely lose weight. You will also almost surely quit before you've made any real progress toward your goal weight and put whatever weight you've lost back on, and then some. Or, if you do get all the way to your goal