For an Indian, which is better country to immigrate- Australia or Canada?

I have lived in both the countries, currently in Canada for about an year and I don't find it as good as Australia. Based on my personal experience, I would suggest Australia based on comparison between Perth and Calgary. Sydney and Toronto would be different when you look into details however, would not make much difference overall. Canada may have some other advantages over Australia however I have not realized any so far.

Many reasons I can think of to choose Australia.

1) Much better overall infrastructure than Canada (commercial, housing, roads, bike-ways, fully maintained parks pretty much every other street).

2) Much nicer weather. Gets a little bit hot in Jan/Feb but that is the time you can have fun at beaches (Australia really has world class beaches, you don't need to go to any other destination outside. safe, clean, less crowded, good amount of necessary amenities, guarded, nice surf). Canada has cold and snow year around which restricts your outdoor life and driving in snow is nightmare.

3) Very important reason is average wages are much more higher compared to higher living cost. Means a $100 item in Canada may be $120 in Australia however $100 wage in Canada will be $170 or more in Australia, literally. Check out yourself on or Workopolis for the same job title if you don't believe. Also, unemployment rate is much lower compared to Canada.

4) Australian metro cities have more population however feels less crowded because they used more land to build the infrastructure. Canada has less populated cities but seems more crowded.

5) Overall more decent and sociable people in Australia compare to Canada. Canadians are nice and polite however not more sociable. They live their lives happily independently because they are too busy making for living.

As per me, it is better to Immigrate to Canada than Australia for an Indian. With over 5 Years of Experience in Immigration Consulting, Let me state some of the points to justify my answer below:

Canada choose skilled immigrants as permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in our economy. There is a new system to manage how people with skilled work experience apply to immigrate to Canada. It is called Express Entry.

Both countries provides a high quality of life for immigrants. Both countries have the best paid jobs, first you need to check your eligibility, depending upon your requirements which country is stable for you.

Australia Immigration from India

Being an ideal destination for skilled professionals, Immigration to Australia from India can be a life changing decision that can turn your dreams into reality. Its strong economy and booming industrial sector have made Australia the best place to migrate from India. Any professionals with excellent skills and knowledge can prefer Australia immigration to enrich their career prospects.

Over the recent years, a great number of people have migrated to Australia from India to take advantage of its rewarding career opportunities, free and democratic society, and advanced educational system. If you are planning to immigrate to Australia from India, then there is an infinite choice to choose a particular Australia immigration visa that lets you migrate to the country. Australia immigration is very easy for skilled professionals and one with the right blend of skills and talent can easily immigrate to Australia from India.

What are the available options for Australia Immigration?

The government has outlined a number of Australia immigration visas to encourage skilled professionals to immigrate to Australia at a faster pace. Here we are listing out the few visas that let you migrate to Australia.

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

Australia Skilled Independent Visa is for qualified professionals who do not receive sponsorship by an employer or relative or not been nominated by a state or territory government. It is a point based visa.

Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

Skilled Nominated Visa is for professionals who are nominated by a state or territory government agency. Individuals who immigrate to Australia under this visa subclass will be able to reside and work as a permanent resident of Australia

Skilled Regional Visa (Provisional) Subclass 489

Skilled Regional Visa (Provisional) Subclass 489 is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia for a period of four years. This sub class visa is for skilled professionals who are in demand in any province or territory of the country.

In order to apply for all these visas, you need to express your interest by submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI) and must receive an invitation by Skill Select. Candidates who wish to immigrate to Australia must satisfy the point criteria and score adequate points under various attributes.

Canada Immigration from India

There are many different ways to immigrate to Canada, all applicants are assessed under a points system, points are obtained for things such as education, the ability to read, write and speak English or french, previous work experience, age, and work opportunities. Applicants must have proof of sufficient funds to support themselves. Each applicant will undergo a medical examination to assess their general health and also a police clearance check.

Family Class Sponsorship - permanent residents can sponsor relatives outside of Canada and prove they have enough financial ability to support that person fully for 3 years.

Living Care Giver - A Living Care Giver application is the option for you if you have not achieved a high level of education but have previous experience in the caring industry, i.e nursing, child care provider. You must physically live with your prospective employer for the first 2 years of entering Canada, after this time it is then possible to apply for permanent residence.

Student Visa - To enter as a student you must be admitted to an education provider such as university or college, you must be able to financially support yourself and pay for any fees or tuition in full. You will be permitted to work on campuss, and it is also possible to obtain an off campuss work permit. After graduation you can apply for a work permit then after few years you're able to apply for permanent residency.

Work Permit - To apply for a work permit you need to already have job offer by a prospective employer, with a work permit you can bring your family with you if you have the evidence of a wage to support all, your permit will need renewing every 1-2 yrs, after a few years you can then apply for permanent residence, or continue to renew.

Business Visa - There are different programmes under the Business sector, for investors and entrepreneurs. Both will have to be actively managing a business and contribute to Canadian society by creating jobs, the business must have a net worth 300,000 Canadian dollars. Under the Investor Programme an applicant must have a min of 800,000 Canadian dollars and be willing to invest half, you must also have experience in management.

Vennela Nanduri's answer to Which country is better for a software engineer, Australia or Canada?

Migrate to canada from india

It depends on many factors.You must fulfill the visa requirements of that particular country.Your qualification, age, English language ability and length relevant experience are some of the important factors.

Both countries have some strong points and some weak points.Indians are in large numbers in both countries and enjoying a great life.


Please also watch this comparison video.

Ill give you a different viewpoint than other ‘general assumptive armchair predictors' on Quora. Also having been to both I think I'm grounded for comparison.

Apart from having a welfare state where state provides you medicare and free education to you and your children after residency, the differences stop.


As a society Canada borrows highly from the north American culture and French culture in Quebec. There is a very diverse population there and due to the open goodwill of continuos Canadian premiers, the people are very polite and welcoming to immigrants. There is also a diverse Indian presence (especially from Punjab) which can also be seen in their political offices. The climate is mostly freezing with snowstorms in the six months. So you are looking at a culture of heavy wear and slow and difficult driving on the wheels. The greatest benefit of Canada is its close proximity to USA so if you are looking for jobs after getting your passport from Canada you have the easy option to even cross the border and live and work in US for sometime. This actually is a real bonus for some consultants. Also the number of habited cities inside Canada are plenty and you can move across states into Quebec (just have to learn french a bit).


The concept of Aussies having racist bent is prevalent. There are actual ‘no to racism' weeks going on and the recent burning of an indian driver by a racist prick is fresh news. However the media and law agencies tick these issues pretty quickly and are hard agsinst it. Still you do feel that most white communities have this urge to blurt out their racist remarks from time to time (some groups like One nation are purporting it) but are just scared from law and being politically incorrect. It also needs to be mentioned that the demography of Australia is around 84℅ whites compared to 64℅ whites in US . In terms of attitude I have noticed that most do not smile or are as friendly in service as N. Americans. Drinking and drugs is a huge problem among the youth and you can see junkies in cbd areas or begging on the streets. People just pass by with zero concern. In areas of Sydney its a mad rush,a rat race with people almost elbowing to rush past you. If you somehow go to rural areas than you can be met by ‘bogans' which are another experience altogether!. Services are exhorbitantly expensive in Sydney, with one tiny scoop of ice cream costing you 5 aud. Around 4.5$. to me that becomes a bit ridiculous. Coming to geography Canada wins hands down here. There are only three or four developed cities which can be good for scouring for professional jobs. Rest are mostly ‘bush' areas primarily developed for mining or built around mining. You wont find any prospects there or much good living conditions. Climate wise Sydney can be compared to any Bangladeshi city for its hot and humid levels with rains in between. Temperatures in summer in Sydney can reach above 40+ in summers. On the other ‘crazy' hand, people have this habit of not turning on A/C in their shops and just laze around in short rugby shorts to enjoy the warm weather. I on the other hand get drenched from sweat in the weather. Oh and btw the rays from the sun here are very bright UV rays which stings your skin like laser. Same rays which I had experienced before in Central Africa.(these are not the sun rays you experience in India)..although most tourists love it. If you are a European tourist who is fed up with snow and winters than you would probably love this kind of humid and hot spells without A/C.

All in all apart from the extreme cold weather of Canada I think it has a more diverse outlook towards foreigners and the culture is much more closer to (including accent) US. Also if you are Indians than it will also be suitable with its much more presence inside Canadian cities, in case you dont mind the weather hazards.

If your answer is yes to most of below questions then you must think about moving to Australia

  • Like every other Indian migrant are you looking for a more income, better education and career?
  • Do you want to live in a country which has good weather?
  • Would you love laid-back lifestyle?
  • Are you a honest and hard-working person?

This country down under called Australia has everything that an Indian migrant would ultimately look for - more income, more savings, very good lifestyle, better careers and better education.

Your decision must not be based only on whether getting a visa would be easy or not. Every migration is a life changing journey.
Australia has shortage of skills and hence they have skilled migrants visas. It is a point based system and Australian government never rejects visa of an eligible applicant.

I have been in Australia from last 1 year and 5 months and I am absolutely loving this country. Like Canada, Australia is also an immigrant nation. 28% of total Australia's population is made up of people born outside Australia.

Aussies love doing small-talks; almost everyday you'll end up having a chat with random a person in a departmental store aisle or in a train. Being in India we never really bother having a small-talks with random people but this small-talk culture in Australia gives you a sense of acceptance into a new country.
Ever since I am here; I have never faced any kind of racism nor I have heard about it from anyone (If you are concerned about that).

There are many Indians living in different cities in Australia. These people will always help and support each other.

Know where Australia stands in OCED Better Life Index.
Also read- The top 8 reasons why one must move to Australia.

Moving to Australia has simplified by Chalo Australia.

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