For an immigrant having plans of going back to his home country, is 401(k) a good investment?

If you have definite plans of returning to your home country, then you can have alternate ideas. As otherwise, I have plans to return after 10 years or eventually or I have such ideas now but better prospects may change my mind, such cases should not jettison a good opportunity in the name of 401k.  It enables you to maximize the contribution from the employer, chances of a growing economy and stable currency in rewarding you with capital appreciation and so on, with concomitant tax benefits.
The real answer will lye in if you believe that a country that is in debt 100% of their annual GDP will continue to stay solvent. Their are many avenues to move money and investments off shore and out of the FED and Euro controlled markets. You may be already in a position to do so now.  I think you need to do more research to find out the differences between any taxes you may have to incur on repatriating your nest egg and the solvency of where you are putting it now.
Which culture shocks do Spanish people experience when visiting the Netherlands?

At the start of this month, I've been to the Nederlands, staying with youngers from different countries and going to a host family for dinners. These are the main

When were you the most confused you have ever been?

I can't recall about the MOST confused. But I'll give an example of something I was very confused about. That is with people marrying into their own so called communities. Not just marriage but dating as well. Going outside was a rare find. In