For corporate US travelers visiting Europe, Asia and Africa, what are the cheapest ways to get roaming data access for smartphones?

In the past I've been using local sim cards it works but the most concern is the changing of sim cards and registering all over again (also the expiry of sim card when not in use). I tried a lot of international sim cards but they are expensive for data roaming.

Then I found out Flexiroam.I've used it for months now and it's been amazing! You know why? Here are the reasons:

1.) You don't need to change your current sim every time you travel, because Flexiroam uses a microchip sticker to be attached to your current sim. Less hassle specially for frequent travelers (buying local sim for every country is doable but why bother if you can have one)

2.) Coverage of almost 120+ countries all around the world (And currently expanding)

3.) Cheap rates according to your needs & budget.

For AT&T corporate customers, you need to speak with your AT&T representative specifically. Customer care and international wireless care can help you, but only by adding a consumer Passport plan. Your company may have a better deal. Get the contact info from your internal contact who knows who to call.

Science v. religion, evolution v. creation, atheist v. theist: What do you think about such rivalries?

If there is a rivalry, it's mostly due to narcissistic defence. At the heart of all of this is the fact that science has been answering questions that religious (or other) people don't like the answers to. Scientists aren't attacking anyone with their claims, they're just stating facts. In most cases

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This answer provides some background to patterns: Frank Heile's answer to What is a pattern? We live moment to moment and given the massive amounts of sensory data we receive, it would be exhausting to construct and predict each moment and what we have to do. Imagine taking a walk down your