For every beginning, there's an end. Does time have a beginning and an end?

The definition of time, is to each its own !

I believe that Time has no start or end.

Think of it as a train journey. When you see trees from a moving train,
 It seems they are going in the opposite way. But in reality the trees are standing still.

So is it possible, that all our centuries, row over row are standing still?
Is it possible that the time is fixed, and we are the one who is in motion?

Maybe in this one moment, all moments, all centuries are hidden?
 There is no future, no past.

What has passed Is happening now.

Maybe a long shot, but this can be possible.

Are we in motion? We pass by time, and what we imagine as moving is in fact motionless.

Do Indian wives ever refuse when their husband wants sex?

Of course.... they are also beings right? They have there own feelings and planning. There should be a freedom allowed to them also as men do but i don't think so that it is allowed when they are married in Indian traditional manner where they are locked up in a common

How to deal with your boss

A boss is an employee in the firm just like you - and many a times the behaviour you find as weird are because of the pressure the higher management puts on him. This is a recursive process - your manager feels same as you