For how many days can humans survive without the sun?

It's difficult to calculate exactly how many days we can survive but one alternative source of energy which can be considered is the earth's core.

Without the sun the plants will be the first to die and that will kill all the animals dependent on the plants which will then kill the carnivores which depend on herbivores. this might happen within a years time.

Humans on the other hand I think can come up with ingenious methods to survive this catastrophe, so humans may survive longer.

Scientists have been thinking about this problem whether it is possible to have a life on a rogue planet (i.e. a planet without a star). the argument is that the core's heat can be used to generate electricity which in turn can be used for many different tasks, such as manufacturing oxygen and illuminating plants for food.

Can some scientific knowledge be dismissed because 97% of scientists believed it true? When scientists agree, are they almost certainly wrong?

I would say that when 97% of scientists agree that they are almost certainly right. If say scientists were 50-50 then 50% of them are usually wrong. Truth is too strong of a word in most cases, often the answer is

Who is more civil, Democrats or Republicans?

It's in the eye of the beholder.Republicans and Democrats have their preferred cable news networks.Republicans and Democrats will take the opposite point of view on an issue, if it refers to a person's political leanings. My personal favorite is the 22nd Amendment. Democrats might want it to be repealed so

Why do so many people believe in astrology even after knowing it is trash?

People want their lives to be easy. They want to live free without any tension. But, as life goes on everyone has to face problems in day to day life. When they stop finding answers to these problems and they