From what age should I start preparing for UPSC examination?

UPSC has prescribed the age bracket of 21–32 years (For General Category) for the candidates appearing in the coveted civil services examination.
However, in my opinion, the right age to appear in the civil services exam is:

  • The age when you have the fire within to GO FOR THE KILL.
  • The age when you are devoid of all the distractions and pressures.
  • The age when you can get access to quality material for reading.
  • The age when you have no/minimal responsibility on your shoulders.
  • The age when you can afford to leave behind your job and devote all your energies and time to the preparation. (People do clear it along with job as well, I see them as exceptionally talented)
  • Also, the age when you feel its time to SERVE THE COUNTRY.

All the best :)

Is it possible to run a half marathon by the end of the year from 3km? I'm hoping to increase my ability to run non-stop from 3km to 21km over the year but is it possible, realistically?

Absolutely. That's a very realistic plan, if you plan on giving it a full year. You can find a lot of training plans on line. Here are my suggestions:run at least 3 times a week, one of those runs a long distance run.Increase the miles/Km per week, and the distance

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Does a pwBPD normally goto great lengths to hide their new source after a breakup even when it's already obvious and known to everyone? Are they ashamed or just trying not to cut off former supply? She made her new bf create a fake profile as his gf?

I'm confused. So first pwNPD have sources. Now pwBPD have sources? What do these sources provide? Is it good? Can I get some?First off pwBPD do not have sources. We idealize and depreciate. It's part of that Black and White thinking we're so good at.Now chances