Girls, what do you look for in a guy?


Every woman is different and they want different qualities or traits in a man and one woman's choice might not be another woman's requirement! There isn't even one common thing that all women of this planet (around 3.5 billion ladies), might like in a man! If one woman likes short men, another one might want taller one, if one woman likes muscular guys, other would prefer lean men - and it goes on. It is a personal choice after all!

But since this question has been "asked to answer", so I'd at least include what I personally like or want in a guy -

  • Good sense of humor - that comes before looks or height or everything else!
  • Good heart, he should be kind and emotional. Can't handle the guys who are way too practical or logical in everything!
  • Should be at least taller than 5′10. Because I'm 5′6, so I would want a guy with whom I look at least equal when I wear 3–5 inches heels!
  • Should be smart enough to hold quality conversations, someone who's well read and knows more than I do! Only then I might be interested in him, because there are some particular things that make a girl lose interest in a guy - for me, this is that thing!
  • Should be passionate for life - he might not have a lot of money but he should be willing to work hard and make it big, and I will support him till my death bed in helping him achieve his every dream!
  • Should know how to ‘live'. Don't want someone who's only focused on building a career, the man should also know how to build a life and a relationship. He should value me and know my importance in his life - I don't want to be treated like a secondary thing, because he'd always be primary for me!
  • Should not drink/smoke/do-drugs. Neither do I find it cool nor do I practise or advocate it in anyway! And since I don't do any of the stuff I would never want my guy to be doing it either.

Rest I'm fine with anything and everything! I'm a vegetarian but I don't mind if he eats non-veg, I'm a social media addict but I don't mind if he has no Facebook account even, I'm really talkative and I don't mind if he doesn't speak a word, I write articles on my website and have also written a book, but I'm fine if he doesn't read it! I'm fine with his personality and I really respect diversity so I am sure I'd give him his space in the relationship and so I expect that from his side too! I'm someone who doesn't like to do things out of force and I do the same for the other person...

And that's my personal opinion! :)

PS - This list is too ideal. Some woman who would fall in love would never consider a "list" or something to start a relationship! When it is meant to happen, it will happen. End of the story.

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