Greed: What would the world look like if no one was greedy?

Most of the answers sadly glorify greed, as if written by wealthy greedy individuals themselves to justify the absurdity of their thinking. The only good answer was given by Alex Taunton. He nailed it right by saying "Creativity is the desire to create to contribute and enrich; greed is the desire to have others create and YOU own." You can see that all the most greedy people have become wealthy by enslaving others. Some also caused wars to enrich themselves. Best example that was entirely caused by greed "the last US/Iraq gulf war. They wiped out half a million civilians just to benefit from oil. It was so disturbing that among the casualties were 150'000 Iraqi children. That's the crime of greed.

Greed has been the cause of world's chaos, wars, and environmental destruction. If the timber company is so greedy, they don't care if the forest is vanished and become a desert. Greed is definitely related to selfishness. The wealthy owners of the timber industry don't care (or rather never had a slight thought) that all creatures inhabiting the forest died when their environment was gone. I get sick to my stomach to read all the answers glorifying and justifying greed. Let's face it. Here are some questions about the benefits of greed, but who is the beneficiary?

Each painting of Leonardo daVinci is worth millions of dollars. Was Leonardo daVinci a millionaire?

Tesla was a genius, who worked for White Westinghouse. Was he a millionaire or White Westinghouse?

Those who improved our lives by giving us their inventions, such as, computers, cellphones, cars, airplanes, refrigerators, air-conditions, etc, were not millionaires. In fact, most of them died poor. But the greedy selfish individual used it to become wealthy. Practically, they are not entitled to it. They didn't work hard to invent it themselves. In reality, they stole it all to become fat. Now, I can say that the whole technology is owned by idiots who never ever contributed in inventing it. If that's an accurate conclusion, do you still believe it is fair?

One last word, the whole devastation, from environment destruction to mankind's misery is all caused by the work of greedy idiots who own it all without being entitled to it.

Ageing stiffens fingers, toes and hands and feet slowly- what are ways to keep them flexible, supple for longest possible?

Hands:Heat olive oil. Gently massage each finger from palm towards finger tips. Gently press each fingertip. Gently stretch each finger backwards. Take thumb and press into palm of opposite hand deep and massage in circular motion. Flex hand several times.Add a little oil to a hand full of salt. Rub both sides of hands vigorously

If I intermittent fast for 45 hours will I lose muscle?

If that happened, imagine what would have happened to people 200,000 years ago, before there were refrigerators, 7–11s, pizza delivery, etc. Let's say there was no food available for two days. So they lose muscle. Then a few weeks later, again no food. They

What is the best way to loose belly fat with just diet changes?

Are you leaving the weight loss diet because nothing works and because you are tired of all false promises? Expensive cosmetic procedures and super fast foods are designed to 'sell', but do not give you good health because they do not meet your unique health needs.