Guys, who's the most attractive girl you've ever met?

I just joined the Navy and got stationed in San Diego, .CA. I was exploring the downtown area and ended up at Horton plaza (outdoor mall). While walking on the top floor (which where most restaurants were). This woman which I could barely see because she was so far away and could not even make out her face completely. Yet, for some reason she stood out in contrast of the restaurant being packed and full. I did not know what yet but I did know their was something very special about her. Just as I was trying to figure out why she stood out so much. This crazy woman approached me grabbing me by the shoulders almost screaming "if you think it's her it is" she just kept saying that while shaking and turning red in the face. I tried to calm her down (obviously she seemed very unhinged lol) I asked her who is it to which she told me. Then said she followed her from a theater play she just finished. At this point I was getting rather worried for the safety of this beauty that was being stalked. So I decided to go over and inform her about the lady stalking her.

So, I walked over to her but did not want to scare away the stalker (it's better for them to be caught /questioned to see if their an actual threat).

So I went over and told her I was very sorry for bothering her and let her know that I'm from Maryland on the east coast and we never get to see woman as beautiful as her and I would hate myself for not trying to At least get a picture with her. I felt great because that actually made her blush. Her husband not too much lol. Just as she got close to me I was going to tell her about stalker lady but she was gone she already got spooked and left. So decided not to tell her.

Unfortunately as soon as I got my picture with her developed and put it in my collage of pics in my rack aboard the Navy ship I was on. Someone took a knife and destroyed it and all my other pics in my rack. So gone forever, At least I had the memory of it.

Oh yeah in case your going crazy wondering who the heck I was talking about. It was Kathy Ireland back in 1998.

She was a 5′11″, white and Hispanic aspiring dancer whose name started with a K. She was a 9 out of 10 as far as looks go and legitimately looked like she could've been a Victoria's Secret model (except for her not wearing makeup and being in street clothes), but had the SWEETEST, nicest, kindest personality! You'd think a girl like her would be picky, arrogant, stuck-up, entitled, used to getting her way all the time, etc (most physically attractive people I know are like that). But she had an incredibly admirable sense of humility and kindness for someone as beautiful as her. It leapfrogged over her looks and was her core defining trait of attractiveness, as well. And when she danced (ballroom or salsa), she had this radiance of energy and happiness about her that was infectious.

At first, I felt like I was way too short and unattractive to even talk to her. but she was very kind and opened up to me. She was single, but she also worked 2–3 jobs, on top of her hobby and literally had no time to date. I don't even feel unfortunate though that one day, some really lucky guy out there will win her over. That guy will not be me, though. I'm not even sure I'd deserve her. But yes, she was almost a 10 out of 10, overall as a human being.

My ex .

I have never met her ( like sit and talk to her )

I am leaving abroad India . So i the country i stay is having strong gender situation like Boys and Girls dont sit together in class.

She saw me first on her birthday as she was distributing chocolates to teachers. I dint noticed her so one day , while i was looking up in Facebook , i saw her . I send her a request and she accepted . We chatted and exams came .. i called her ( that was my first time to call a girl and speak ) and everything we good . we made a plan to meet .

But soon my Dad cracked it and told me to stop this and block her ... AS I WAS only in 7th grade at that time .
I listened to them and i did it that . But in her case ... her mom supported her but .
A relationship of just 7 Days :(

Btw she left this country and went back to India

I left her and started to concentrate on MYSELF

Over years i dint talk to her and later i i gain went back to her but then she had many friends living a good life . Went behind her and someone told me , she is in a relation with a 11th grader in the same school , whom i know ( 2 yrs eleder ) . Later he left her and when he went to college .

So i Thought of messaging her but i got reply every after 4 messages and one day she told to dont message her again , i ignored that and i continued and he blocked me in Insta and Facebook .

I then decided , to be single for life , travel or join the ARMY .

In 1984 I had just come to France for a year abroad. I had had some adventures with some beautiful women, but then I met her...

She was a ballerina. Her father was Corsican and she had that dark mediterranean beauty about her, coupled with an easy grace that she didn't even realise she had. She moved like water flows, she laughed softly, she had a voice that was smooth and quietly exciting. She knew she was beautiful, but it didn't matter, and she was utterly unimpressed with me, making her all the more enticing. She was, without a doubt, the most attractive woman I had ever seen, or imagined.

She still is. We've been married for 31 years and she is infinitely more attractive now than in 1984.

She knows who she is CM

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