Had there not been an Alan Turing, would have Hitler conquered the whole earth?


Alan Turing, while making an important contribution to one important battle - the Battle of the Atlantic - was still a relatively minor cog in the very, very large Allied war machine.

It is important to keep in mind, that even supplied with the Enigma intelligence produced by Turing - and many others - it was still necessary for Allied navies, air forces and armies to win battles and defeat the Axis.
Hitler was defeated by the Numbers of Russia.

American Tanks Made It easier, But it was Inevitable nevertheless.

The War with Hitler was one of survival for the Eastern front, while Western front was Just for control.

Hitler Tried for peace with his fellow Aryan people long into the war.
What's the craziest thing you've ever tried and succeeded?

What's the craziest thing you've ever tried and succeeded?Lol... play poker.It's a funny thing. Most people won't sit down at a poker table because they think it is gambling, but they will play slot machines.The slot machines are designed to take your money. But with poker you have a chance.I

As a mental health provider have you ever had a client that was so disturbed you feared for your life?

I'm not sure why you're asking about danger posed by clients to therapists. The question is obvious at one level - just as doctors are exposed to a greater range of microbes than most of us - some of them high risk, therapists are exposed to more mental illness

How are New Zealand teenagers?

You can't generalise much about people from any country - everyone is different. About all I can say with confidence is that unless he has specifically said that he goes to church, it's likely that he and his friends and family are less religious than what you might