Has Batman ever killed Superman?

There was a really messed up and depressing Elseworlds short where Kal-El's rocket hits Gotham, and kills Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce is horribly scarred (think, Two-Face, if someone took a blowtorch to his "clean" half), and Kal-El is adopted by Lex Luthor, who raises him as his son and teaches him how to be a bastard. One night, just before Clark Luthor is unleashed on the world, Batman crashes through a window, points a gun at Superman, and blows his brains out with a kryptonite bullet, before taking off his mask, and killing himself.

Yeah, some Elseworlds are messed up.

How to reduce my thigh fat quickly

First of all we don't loose weight or loose fat , we lose weightAs you have asked about reducing fat from your legs ,then it's impossible to target a spot for fat reduction.You are not in charge of deciding from where you want to lose fat , but yes your

Can a 14-year-old boy get six-pack abs after training?

Before answering to the question, I would like to share some fascinating records of 14 years old guys or even less.14-year-old Brandon Miller Runs 1:51, Age Group World Record!14-Year-Old Powerlifter Keeps Breaking RecordsBoys' 13-14 US National Age Group Records (SCY) - SwimSwamSo, how did these guys achieve such a huge milestone