Has Stan Lee done a cameo in every film based on a Marvel comic ever made?

As per my knowledge of reading in an article many years ago, the deal was that Stan Lee would make an appearance in movies based on the comic book characters that were either his creation or created under his supervision.

But later on due to the popularity of the MCU and as a tribute to Stan the man Lee, he started appearing in every Marvel Studios made movies.

Marvel movies that does not have Stan Lee cameos are as follows:

  • "Blade" (New Line Cinema 1998)
  • "Blade II" (New Line Cinema 2002)
  • "X2" (20th Century Fox 2003)
  • "The Punisher" (Lions Gate Films 2004)
  • "Blade: Trinity" (New Line Cinema 2004)
  • "Elektra" (20th Century Fox 2005)
  • "Man Thing"(Lionsgate 2005)
  • "Ghost Rider" (Columbia Pictures 2007)
  • "Punisher: War Zone" (Lionsgate 2008)
  • "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (20th Century Fox2009)
  • "X-Men: First Class" (20th Century Fox 2011)
  • "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" (Columbia Pictures 2012)
  • "The Wolverine" (20th Century Fox 2013)
  • "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" (20th Century Fox 2014)
  • "Fant4stic" (20th Century Fox 2015)
  • "Logan" (20th Century Fox 2017)

Stan Lee filmed his first ever cameo in 1998 for Blade which was deleted from the final cut. So it is safe to assume that any Marvel based movie prior to Blade would not have a Stan Lee cameo.


  • Most recently, he was absent in the "FANT4STIC" movie of 2015
  • He also wasn't in any of the three Punisher movies (1989, 2004, 2008)
  • Nor was he in the 1979 Captain America movie starring Reb Brown
  • The Amazing Spider-Man TV series from the late 70's started with a 90-minute pilot, which can be considered a TV movie. Stan Lee wasn't in that either

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