Has a cat ever saved your life?

(I'm going anonymous on this one as I can't bear platitudes and people "advising" me on my problems. Sorry.)

My answer is similar to the other one.

My cat saves my life every single day.

I suffer from terrible, sometimes crippling, depression. I have attempted suicide in the past (some were "cries for help" and one was a failure because I didn't understand the limits of the medication I used. All I got from it was a slightly perforated stomach). I don't want to live. It's simply too hard.

However, I adopted a cat a few years ago and, in making that decision, I took on the responsibility of caring for him. I live alone and, if I successfully ended my life, it would be a death sentence for my boy and that is cruel and evil.

I continue living because I want my cat to continue living. He is my only responsibility and I love him.

Having said that, he's a cat. He probably doesn't give a monkey's about me and only sees me as a feeding machine and something comfortable to curl up and sleep on. Bless him. I love him to bits.

Has a cat ever saved your life?

The answer is "Possibly."

I woke up in the middle of the night with my cat sitting on my chest. That is not unusual in and of itself.

What is unusual was he was sticking his paw in and out of my mouth.

I do not have an exact idea why he was sticking his paw in and out of my mouth except that I was a serious snorer.

So the possible reasons for waking up with a paw in my mouth are:

  • He thought I was purring wrong while snoring.
  • He thought my snoring was too loud, even for him.
  • My snoring resulted in a bit of sleep apnea and he was trying to get me to breathe again.

Whatever the reason, I have since seen a doctor to alleviate my snoring tendencies.

Not quite bit I did get five stitches in my forearm saving a cat from apparently a gang of stray alley cats who apparently didn't approve of him being black with a white patch on his chest. I pretended to be a gorilla swinging my arms and making random noises trying to scare the vicious cat gangsters I reached down to get the beaten cat and he sank his claws in my forearm and hung there ripping my arm wide open. But he survived as did I. I kept him for a while but apparently the wide open world was his calling now he has formed a gang of his own and basically runs the alley behind my house. He guarantees protection for a can of tuna.


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