Has an incident made you radically change your life?

Well yes this happened incident changed me my sister (Mary 26) who is living in Mumbai with her husband (John 33) Mary received a call from her best friend (Anjali 20) it seems Anjali husband had left for a another woman a few years back Anjali had a daughter (Preethi 13) whenever Anjali had gone out on dates people would break up with her when they found out Anjali has a daughter. (Anjali is from Bangalore her parents had died in a car accident Anjali who was a stranger to the city was living with her husband & daughter).

Heartbroken Anjali had contacted her best friend Mary & told her big problem Mary felt so sorry & angry with the people & her ex who treated her this way. Mary told her husband about this her husband came up with a solution provided if Anjali is ok with this told Mary to bring Anjali her daughter Preethi & all their belongs to their home.

When Mary got Anjali & her daughter to her home John welcomed them inside helped carring their luggage inside made Anjali & her to sit down on the sofa John sat opposite to them Mary sat next to Anjali John looked at Anjali & Preethi told them if you agree I will take care of you & your daughter you will be like my 2nd wife Preethi will be like my own daughter Anjali was quit I left the room while Mary & Anjali chatted for sometime Anjali went to see John while Mary kept Preethi occupied

Anjali found John reading the newspaper when John saw Anjali coming towards him he got Anjali asked will you really promise to take care of us John pulled Anjali closer to him kissed her passionately she wrapped her arms around him kissing him back then John carried her to the bedroom fucked her hard after some time by John & Anjali came down holding each other hands.

John came towards Preethi hugged her kissed her lips softly & said you are my daughter I am your loving father looked at Anjali kissed her lips deeply for sometime & said you are my new wife you & Preethi are my responsibly.

Mary got happy tears in her eyes came & hugged her husband hugged Anjali & Preethi saying welcome to our family.

Mary & John told me about this incident when I went to visit their home. They asked me to come over to their home as they have big news. After meeting Anjali & Preethi I also was so happy by John huge heart. I gave a hug & a soft kiss to John thanked him for his huge generosity. Now Anjali became pregnant with John child & had given birth to a healthy son Mary also became pregnant with John child she gave birth to a healthy girl child.

Preethi graduated from collage is an independent child having a steady boyfriend of her own.

What's the best way to get defined 6 pack if I have 4% body fat and lack muscle?

To be honest, if you've got 4% body fat you should already have a visible 6 pack. It sounds like you are ectomorphic (naturally skinny in layman's terms). I think the best thing for abs is gymnastic bar work. Hang on a bar like a child in the playground and lift

What do non-Americans think of Americans and American culture?

First off, I think the name "America" doesn't rightly apply to just one country, but I'm going to assume you are talking about the only country who thinks it does, the U.S.A.Secondly, for those who live a great distance away, thanks to the generations

What do you hate most about work?

I am working for myself right now. I periodically get burned out from the ~16x7 work schedule, but it is the labor of love. Nothing to hate. Other than my own pace. I hate watching disruptive companies' commercials and thinking