Has anybody married the same person after a divorce? Why?

Me? No.

But I know someone who did. She's my mom. Just last month, she re-married my dad. A guy that I didn't know for the majority of my life (and still hardly do). A guy that left when I was the tender age of 2 and didn't reappear until I was 18 - and not again until I was 29 (It's important to note here that the 18 to 29 gap was my decision, not his).

Why did they? That's very simple.

Because they both realized, now that they're older, that the crap that you and I and they believed was important, in their younger years ....isn't.

See, they both grew up on farmland in Turtle Lake, North Dakota. My mom was the youngest of 11 siblings and her days were spent, literally, picking up rocks from fields before planting began. At 16, she was pregnant with my older sister. At 18, my older brother. At 20, me. It was around that time that she gave a big old middle finger to that life, and everybody in it, and took us three kids to Austin, TX. My dad did not follow.

Y'know when you're sitting there talking to potential partners, and you have all these stipulations and deal breakers and "omg you actually believe that?", thinking yourself so smart and self-righteous because you're so, so, so much farther ahead than that other person?

Yea, cut that shit out. Come at me when you're 50 and tell me that stuff still matters. You know nothing. Neither do I. You find someone that makes you happy. Someone that makes you laugh. And do so without bringing along your massive ego. Chances are, you're probably wrong anyway.

I don't know the whole story. I don't know why my dad left. I don't know why he came back. They've both offered to tell me; but y'know what? I'm a 33 year old man. I don't care. I don't WANT to care. The only thing I care about is my mom being happy. And she is.

There is also the fact that I was raised by that woman. I trust her judgment in almost all things. I trust that the decisions they made when they were young shouldn't still be there to punish them - and I sure as hell shouldn't be the one doing the punishing.

They're happy, and old enough to realize that happiness is the main ingredient.

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